Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Your Japanese Shop at Home

Looking for a POBox in Tokyo?

While hanging around on the web I have found this cool site, Japan to Door is a web site that helps you shop for goods available in Japan. It even provides you with a Japanese P.O. box so that you can buy anything pretending that you are in Japan and they will forward it to you!

Searching for Sega Saturn on Rakuten

After you got your own japanese address be sure to take a look at Rakuten! It is the "must to see" online shop from Japan. It has even a good amount of retrogames like the ones for the epic Sega Saturn or PC Engine

Games section on play-asia

Also playasia has a huge amount of cool Japanese games and retrogames for pratically any console. It also has games for the Virtual Boy!

Mario Tennis on VirtualBoy

I used to have one of those at they were really cool at that time. WarioLand was a must to have!

Japanese Beverages on Shopthai

For italian and european people looking for japanese food I can suggest the shopthai online shop. Still waiting for a complete food shop where to buy a good Daikon here in Italy, but in the mean time this is a good shop

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