Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Geneve Trip

Recently I decided to spent a day in Geneve to relax a bit and look for cool things around. We arrived in the city just to discover that they were in progress of replacing the current railway with the playmobil one, they say that it has lower maintenance costs!

First of we had lunch, Vietnamese vegetables noodles and Thai green curry noodles. Green curry with coconut milk is really good it's a shame that it is hard to find it here in Italy.

Swiss Burger King produced the Fondue Burger, if you ever tried fondue it is something like having an overdose of cheese, mixing melt cheese with the steakhouse burgers seems murderously good!

The next morning we decided to move forward for some shopping, and I have discovered that cause of the night freeze my car glass broke. Good time to test my glass insurance :/

Anyway we reached my favorite shopping center in the city, if you are in swiss you cannot avoid buying some chocolate, we have really good chocolate in Turin too, but you know... swiss chocolate is a myth.

My son decided that it was time for a snack and we took a pause at Starbucks to have an hot mocha. He took a frappuccino too, but he said that he prefers his own milk.

I have been also shocked by the fact that they have fresh Shitake mushrooms! I thought that it would have been impossible to find them in europe but it seems that I was wrong. I promised myself to buy some of them next time that I go back.

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