Friday, January 21, 2011

Venus Wars

Venus Wars has just been broadcasted on the italian channel Man-Ga so I have been able to see it for the first time.

 As a cyberpunk world lover I was quite curious to see it, at first impression it remembered me a bit Akira, probably due to the motorcycle, but in the end I have to say that my expectations didn't meet.

Anyway I'm glad to have spent my evening watching it because, probably due to the fact that it was long time since I saw a cyberpunk manga, it remembered me a lot when I was playing Snatcher which was a really cool game. Indeed Snatcher has a totally different environment and color scheme, but human mind is strange...
If you never played snatcher take an emulator and give it a try, it was a really cool game and it even cited Metal Gear as a "20th centuries threat".

To be honest I always preferred the SD Snatcher game as I always loved J-RPG and hey! It even has Super Deformed graphic, what else can you ask? It was really cool to play on my MSX2.

In the end, all this made me want to immerse in the cyberpunk universe again, so it even made me more eager to get a copy of the upcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I really hope that it will be as good as it is expected to be, it's long time since I really got caught from the story of a game.

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