Sunday, January 23, 2011

Virtual Boy

A few posts ago I talked about the Virtual Boy. I used to have one of them, but many people never seen one and so I decided to show what it was about!

VirtualBoy was a 3D console released from Nintendo that used stereoscopic vision to provide 3D images, like what you get now at the cinema with those funny glasses. I probably never sold a lot due to the fact that you had to put a huge "War of the worlds tripod" on you face but the games where indeed cool

WarioLand was my favourite game for VirtualBoy, but I used to like also Mario Tennis (which came with the console itself) and Teleroboxer.

For the 1995 it was pretty damn cool, but the world never loved it, probably due to the fact that while each computer geek was excited by the fact of seeing the world in 3D black and red polygons each and every other child on the earth ended being sick after a few minutes of gameplay. Also, I would not call it a "portable console" as Nintendo tried to do.

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