Thursday, January 13, 2011

Building my own Tachikoma

Having some spare time I decided to take one of the construction kits that I bought in Shinjuku a few years ago and try to assemble it. Being a very incapable person at doing any manual work I thought that it probably endend in an amorph mass of plastic pieces, but in the end I'm quite proud of having a personal defense robot!

I lost some time translating the content of the guidelines, I'm still really bad at reading japanese but with my big surprise I have been able to figure out the few importants phrases quite quickly. I'll have to seriously train in reading japanese some day

Anyway after being assembled my Tachikoma decided to conquer the highest standards for an Artificial Intelligence! As the highest object available on the table was a KrispyKreme tumbler he just settled there and blocked any access to the beverage, he is still there after an entire night... I couldn't expect a lot by an homemade AI provided robot, I'll just have to hope to be able to have a breakfast again sooner or later.

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